PowerTablet Won’t Turn OnTap Screen Twice
  • Contact Integrated Recycling @ (888) 428-8995 to report this issue so we can correct and prevent further problems
Ensure Power Cord is Plugged In
  • Surge protector cord into wall?
  • Cord inside kiosk plugged into surge protector? (keys needed)
  • Ensure surge protector light is on and breaker has not tripped (keys needed)
  • Contact Integrated Recycling @ (888) 428-8995
Accessibility/DisplayCan’t Log InEnsure Username and Password are Created and Accurate
Forgot UsernameEmail with:
  • your name
  • company
  • location
Forgot PasswordGo here: Forgot Password Link
Locked OutWait 30 Minutes or Contact Integrated Recycling @ (888) 428-8995
Add New UserEmail with:
  • New Employee Name
  • New Employee Email Address
  • Email will be sent to the New Employee
  • New Employee will create User Name and Password
Error Message

  • Personal Device – Close application and restart to log in

  • Kiosk Tablet

    • Press back button

    • Double click Integrated Recycling app icon

Kiosk Tablet Logged Out

  • Kiosk Tablet

    • Press back button

    • Double click Integrated Recycling app icon

Screen is too Dark/Dim

  • Click on i symbol in lower left-hand corner

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Display

  • Slide Brightness bar setting to the far right for full brightness

  • Confirm Auto Brightness is OFF

  • Click on the back button

  • Click OK

  • Click OK again

  • Double click Integrated Recycling app icon to restart

Platform Entries and Document Access/UploadHelp Placing a Service Request
  • Select Pallets, Cardboard, or Plastic
  • Press Request Service
  • Select Appropriate Trailer # or enter trailer # manually
  • On Kiosk – Press Submit for Approval or Approve Now. Select appropriate option depending on security level
  • On Computer or Mobile Device – Order is placed (approval not required)
Help Approving a Service Request
  • Press Approve Service Button
  • Select Appropriate Trailer #
  • Review Trailer Data for Accuracy and press Approve Now. If approving on the kiosk, enter your four-digit pin
BOL Access
  • Sent Via Email After Approval of Service Request
  • Press Service Status in menu
  • Locate Appropriate Trailer #
  • Click on View BOL
  • Click on View Vendor Bill of Lading in Pop Up Window
Can’t Print BOL
  • Confirm Viewing Correct BOL #
  • Has BOL Been Cancelled or Already Closed
  • In-House Technical Issue (computer and printer communication)

Contact Integrated Recycling @ (888) 428-8995

* Remember you can always use the app on your cell phone or the web version online