Integrated Recycling will collaborate with your team to implement customized programs designed around your company’s specific needs. As your business adapts and evolves, our systems will adapt and grow with it. This synergistic process helps us anticipate your needs before they arise, giving you an unmatched professional partner to support your supply chain.

Pallet Services

Integrated Recycling works with and for our customers. Every pallet program we manage is co-designed with you to meet your unique needs and is built to safeguard your interests, not those of pallet providers. We keep this promise through transparent and regular reporting of market rates, straightforward, verifiable pallet counts, and reliable service.

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Paper and OCC Services

Cost-effective recycling of old corrugated cardboard (OCC) and other paper products requires paper market expertise to ensure the best rate of return for each grade. Integrated Recycling understands the individual market dynamics of each category of paper, monitoring price fluctuations and maintaining relationships with the various mills who purchase each select grade.

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Sustainability Programs

Every supply chain is being challenged to become more sustainable and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility. Unfortunately, designing and managing an efficient waste reduction program requires time and attention most managers and executives can’t spare.

Integrated Recycling and our network of partners will assess your supply chain and present the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for every waste stream. Once your program has been implemented, we’ll track your progress and provide you with comprehensive, turnkey sustainability reporting.

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